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Hana Caraka Storyboard and Script

Methods of Motion Assignment 1: Stop-Motion Frame by Frame Animation


Hana Caraka

Synopsis: The Javanese alphabet, also known as the Hanacaraka, is a holoalphabetic poem which translates to:

Hana caraka There (were) two messengers
data sawala (They) had animosity (among each other)
padha jayanya (They were) equally powerful (in fight)
maga bathanga Here are the corpses.

I plan to depict the Javanese script and the Latin alphabet as the two messengers in conflict. Throughout the animation, the story will be written out on screen in both Javanese and Western script. The first stanza of letters will transform into two silhouette puppets from their appropriate font: a Javanese shadow puppet (Wayang Kulit) and an 18th century European Silhouette portrait. The setting is also created in this manner. For instance, the Javanese letters may turn into palm trees and the Roman letters may turn into a tea cup. Most of the animation will be done in the style of Lotte Reiniger’s silhouette stop-motion films. But the climactic fight scene will be shot in the style of a Wayang Kulit battle, by attaching rods to move the puppets and their limbs in real-time.

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